Rise Higher and Reach Your Potential

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Rise Higher and Reach Your Potential

Our NextGen program provides a roadmap for the next 2 to 5 years to maximise the odds of admission to Harvard, Stanford, UCLA and other top-tier institutions

What is FirstPoint ‘NextGen’?

In recent years, the goal posts have moved when it comes to securing athletic scholarships and admission to top universities. Now, prospective student-athletes must do more – and do it earlier in their lives – in order to stand out. 

FirstPoint NextGen student-athletes have opportunities that their peers do not. With guidance from top experts in youth sport & education, our NextGen stars further develop the skills necessary to achieve sporting & academic success, and much more.

FirstPoint NextGen is an incubator for talented sportsmen & women who aspire to achieve academic, athletic and scholarship success at a leading US university. 


US College Admissions

Preparing our NextGen student-athletes early to maximise their odds of success

Personalized Planning

Strategically mapping the academic and sporting plans for our NextGen student-athletes now, to achieve success in their future.

Sports Evaluation & Analysis

Tracking the develop, physical and mental growth of our NextGen student-athletes, using sports film analysis to establish, set and achieve key goals and objectives.

Campus Tours

Coordinating campus and facility tours for our NextGen student-athletes and their families to targeted universities and colleges across the USA.

What happens on a call?

A call with our USA Education Consultants is your first chance to discuss your future academic or sporting pathways with an expert.

During the call, you will:

  • Get an idea of what it might take for you to reach your dream university
  • Get a personalised and detailed quote of our services based on your needs
  • Understand what financial and time commitment it will take to get into a top university
  • Discuss the strength of your application profile

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